Participants and Sample Groups

Zaid Tabaza

Participants and sample groups

The sample consisted of two groups. The first group was a non-refugee group, and the second was a refugee group. Both groups comprised of participants of both genders aged 9-17 years old. The questionnaire received 25 responses from each group.

Graph 1 below displays the ages of the participants in the non-refugee group. According to the graph, the majority of non-refugee participants were aged thirteen years old (10 participants), followed by fourteen years old (8 participants), ten years old (3 participants), twelve years old (2 participants) and finally eleven years old (1 participant). None of the non-refugee subjects were aged below ten or above fourteen.

Graph 2 below shows the distribution of the ages of the subjects in the refugee group. Based on the graph, the most common age amongst the refugee sample was 16 (8 participants), followed by fourteen (4 subjects), and ten (3 subjects). An equal number of participants (2) of ages seventeen, fifteen, thirteen, eleven, and nine were included in the refugee sample. This group incorporated subjects of all ages within the range 9-17 except for 12.

Table 1 below classifies the participants of both groups according to gender. It indicates that 60% of the participants in the refugee group were males and 40% were females, meanwhile 44% of the non-refugee children were males and 56% were females.

Table 1: Group Distribution According to Gender

Group Male % Female %
Refugee 60 40
Non-refugee 44 56

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